Our team of Solicitors are proven professionals, with the experience and determination to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Judith E. Abram LLM - PHH Solicitors

Director & Solicitor

Martin Shipway BA ( Hons ) PHH Solicitors

Director & Solicitor

Peter Jensen, LLB (Hons) - PHH Solicitors

Director & Solicitor

Thomas Harrison, LLB (Hons). PHH Solicitors

Associate Director & Solicitor

Rachel Love, LLB (Hons). PHH Solicitors

Associate Solicitor

Sophie Mercer, BA (Hons). PHH Solicitors

Associate Solicitor

Rebecca Perkes of PHH Solicitors

Private Client Executive

Hannah Hindle Paralegal PHH Solicitors Lancashire


Helen Hackett - Office Manager PHH Solicitors

Office Manager & Legal Cashier

Providing the Best Legal Representation.

It is important to know that your solicitor is up to the task. Some solicitors attempt to cover too many legal areas at once. Compromising their service they provide in this manner and not giving clients the legal representation they deserve is unacceptable.

PHH Solicitors take a more focused approach whereby each member of our legal team has one subject area. This disciplined approach means that your case will be handled by a proper legal specialist, with the knowledge and experience that can lead to greater results.

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